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COVID-19 Rules Update

Following yet another addition to the ever evolving COVID-19 rules, we thought we would try to make the rules as clear as possible for you all to understand.

– When visiting us at the Bridge End, please follow the one way system we have put in place for your safety. This does mean you must exit from the toilets and come back in through the main door.

– You are now required to wear face coverings when you are not seated at your table. This includes entering the building and moving around (i.e. visiting the toilet). If you are not exiting the building or using the facilities, you must remain seated at your table (no standing).

– We are now operating table-service only. To make this easier and quicker, please pay by card wherever possible.

– Please take note that you may only sit at a table (max. 6 people not including children under 11) indoors with people you live with or people who are part of your exclusive extended household. You will be asked to confirm this on arrival.

-We are required by law to take your contact details. Should you not wish to provide them, you will not be allowed on the premises.

We understand the constant updates and rules are tiring but we would ask for your patience and understanding at this time. Our aim is for everyone to enjoy their visit so please help make this possible by adhering to the rules.

Thank you.